How to Perfectly Pitch Yourself

June 3, 2019

So, you finally got an interview for that job opportunity you have long dreamed of. Congratulations! You’ve got their attention. Now it’s time to get yourself out there in person and show them “why you?”.

How To Perfectly Pitch Yourself

Now, first things first: pitching yourself is hard. Fact. Who hasn’t felt their stomach knot when being asked the million-dollar question “tell us about yourself”? That’s right. We’ve all been there.

Second: in the age of personal branding and information overload, it can be daunting to get to the bottom of what really matters when figuring out how to pitch yourself.

Fear not! We’ve put together a few golden tips to help you get started with this exciting mission.

Plan Your Route to Success

If you don’t know where you’re going then you can end up anywhere. Before you get behind the wheel, sit down with a piece of paper and reflect on where you want your pitch to end up. What job are you pitching for? What do you have to offer and what do they need? How do you want to come across? Spending some time on these questions will help you map out which route you want to go down and will make the next steps easier.

Be Clear and Concise

Let’s face it: as our attention spans shorten, the reality is that you have a window of a minute or two to grab people’s attention. To get straight to the point, the key questions to be answered are: Who are you? What do you do? What are you looking for? These will help create a clear image of yourself that others can relate to. Now, simplicity and minimalism can play wonders at this crucial moment. How do we achieve this? Keep reading.

Write, Write and Write

Contrary to illusion, it takes a lot of work to reach peak simplicity. Our advice to you is to first throw in everything you think is important. Feel free to go down memory lane and revisit primary school medals and proud parents’ moments. Then snap back into the present and select what is most relevant. What best represents your values, dreams and accomplishments? Add another layer to this analysis and ponder what information is actually significant for your pitch. And then trim and trim all the fat until you get to the real meat.

Tailor to Your Audience

The people you will be speaking to are curious to know you, so think about what is in it for them. Why should they invest their time, attention and money in you? What can you bring to the party? This requires informed and thorough research from your side in order to show them how your personality, goals, experience and vision not only match but improves on theirs’. Be precise about what you are about, providing concrete examples where your work would add value to the company or the project you are applying for!

Leave Them Something to Remember You By

As you are getting fired up about your kick-ass pitch, remember: there is probably someone out there sitting down, doing the same exact same thing and going all out for the win. Therefore, it is important to stand out and give people something which will make them remember you. Before you improvise your “idol” moment, know that the way people remember you has a lot more to do with authenticity and emotion than when you climbed Mount Everest or finished a marathon. So, don’t be afraid to talk sincerely about what really inspires you and install your pitch with positive vibes!

Practice Makes Perfect

By now, you’ll more than likely have a pretty robust pitch on the go. However, two things are still crucial: your delivery and your conclusion. Make sure you lay out your presentation in an appealing and captivating way. An open, relaxed and flexible communication style is key. Also, it’s important to wrap up in a positive and solid way. As you practise, you will reach that sweet spot where you are confident but also flexible enough to improvise in case the moment calls for it.

Magic Word: Balance

One of the main challenges to tackle throughout the process of creating an authentic pitch about yourself is getting the right balance between coming across as humble and yet successful. You need to show people what you’ve got in your locker while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. You also need to let people know how what is unique about you fits with their needs.

Now Go Show the World What You’re Made Of

We hope these tips will help you – we’re cheering you on every step of the way! Remember, practice makes perfect. In front of a mirror, to your friends, with a clock to time you (or a match if you’re brave!). Be bold, be creative… and go for it.

Now you’re ready to pitch - why not pitch to us and tell us why you’d be a good match for our superheroes?

Happy pitching and good vibes!