We specialise in software architecture, system testing, development and certification support to the most rigorous standards, such as RTCA/EUROCAE DO-178C, DO-254, DO-330 and ARP 4754​.

Fleets around the world use our software.

Our first-class developers specialise in software architecture, system testing, development and certification support to the most relevant industry standards.

Our teams also work with software engineering flows driven by Model-Based Design (MBD) and can deliver software conforming to ARINC 653 Integrated Modular Avionics architecture. In short, we create highly-complex, thoroughly-tested avionics systems that you can trust.

Safety-Critical Verification & Validation
We offer our clients a unique 4-stage approach to accommodate their specific V&V requirements, assessing against standards including DO-178 and DO-254.
RAMS and Certification Support
We support clients in delivering safe and effective aviations systems, using RAMS analysis to account for the strong potential for human error when operating these systems.
Embedded Software Development
We specialise in avionics software architecture, system testing and certification for embedded systems in the civil and military aerospace industries.
Integrated Electronic Systems
We leverage our expertise to develop integrated electronic systems, including the development and validation of FPGA devices.
Brands that trust us
Avionics Systems
Exploring the Crucial Role of Avionics Systems in Safe and Efficient Flight Operations

Avionics systems are vital electronic components in aircraft, controlling and monitoring essential functions for safe and efficient flight operations. These systems include altimeters, airspeed indicators, navigation and communication systems, flight management computers, and more. Incorporated advanced features like GPS-based navigation and communication tools, plus sophisticated sensors and processors, avionics systems rapidly process data, which enhances situational awareness, navigation precision, and overall flight safety. 

Avionics systems, dispersed throughout the aircraft, encompass the electronic systems accountable for controlling, monitoring, and communicating with the aircraft’s diverse subsystems. They encompass navigation and communication systems, cockpit displays, and flight management systems, ensuring the secure and efficient operation of the aircraft. 

Cabin Systems

At Critical Software, we are experts in seamlessly integrating cabin systems within aircraft to provide the highest levels of comfort and safety for passengers and crew throughout their journey. Our extensive knowledge covers a diverse range of systems and equipment, including environmental control systems that precisely regulate cabin temperature, humidity, and air quality to create an optimal and enjoyable atmosphere. We also focus on advanced entertainment systems, offering passengers a wide array of entertainment options. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to emergency and passenger services, ensuring swift and efficient response capabilities during critical situations. 

With our deep understanding of cabin systems, we recognise the importance of seamless connectivity. By incorporating wireless solutions into our cabin systems, passengers can enjoy uninterrupted internet access, stay connected with their loved ones, access real-time flight information, and even conveniently engage in online shopping or order food and beverages from the comfort of their seats. At Critical Software, we incorporate the best of our abilities to enhance the overall travel experience. 

Ground Systems

Ground systems are vital for the smooth functioning of aircraft operations and airport management. These systems ensure efficient ground handling, aircraft servicing, baggage management, and air traffic control, playing a critical role in the aviation industry. From air traffic control infrastructure to aircraft maintenance facilities, ground systems are an integral part of the aviation ecosystem. 

Critical Software’s expertise extends beyond airborne software to ground systems. We specialise in various systems and equipment necessary to support aircraft operations, including air traffic control and docking systems, flight simulators, mission planning systems, and maintenance systems. With our expertise in both airborne and ground software, Critical Software is well-positioned to contribute to the development and optimisation of these essential systems in the aviation industry. 

General Systems
Enhancing Aviation Performance through Innovative Software and Hardware Solutions

Critical Software has made significant contributions to the aviation industry by specialising in state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions that optimise aircraft systems and enhance performance. By collaborating closely with industry leaders, we deliver groundbreaking systems to ensure reliability.  

Our expertise lies in power and fuel systems, where we develop sophisticated software and hardware components to safely and efficiently manage power and fuel within aircraft. We also assist leading aviation companies in designing and developing cutting-edge software and hardware for various aircraft systems, such as landing gear and flight control systems, ensuring smooth mechanical and physical operation. 

Magno is Critical Software's Business Development Manager for Aviation. With a passion for technology and an engineering degree, he thrives on embracing new challenges to create a safer and better world. Magno's versatility shines, adeptly solving client problems and crafting innovative solutions across various industries. Whether in sales or project management, his commitment to excellence drives success and propels the Aviation industry forward.
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Sérgio is Critical Software's Principal Engineer for Aviation and a passionate ocean enthusiast. With a remarkable career designing and developing aircraft systems, he ensures the highest safety standards. When not conquering engineering challenges, you'll find Sérgio at the beach, a dedicated bodyboarder, striking the perfect balance between work and play.
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