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software and application management
Software and Application Management
Access high-integrity software and through-life support, from new software development to legacy system migration.
smart data
Smart Data
Uncover valuable insights through data from smart energy devices, using our skillset and experience in handling protocols, regulations, interfaces and more.
software stacks
Software Stacks
Embrace smart device interoperability and validation using our software stacks, leveraging technologies including Zigbee, DLMS/COSEM and GBCS.
independent device quality assurance
Independent Device Quality Assurance
Assure your smart device quality using a partner entrusted to run the UK’s Smart Meter Device Assurance (SMDA) laboratory.
smart systems
Smart Systems
Manage your energy better by using out-of-the-box and bespoke systems covering smart buildings, smart homes, smart meters and smart devices .
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We’re at the forefront of technological change, be it in electric vehicles or smart devices in the home.
EV Charging

The EV-lution is coming. The rapid change from conventionally powered vehicles to electrically powered vehicles will impact the ability of countries’ electricity networks to supply the power demanded by the consumer. 


Critical can offer you support when addressing the perennial problem of managing energy demand from EV charging. Our Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and ISO 15118 (Road vehicles – vehicle to grid communication interface) solutions will empower your charging capabilities, making communication between charge points and charge point management systems easy and instantaneous.  

ev charging
Smart Homes

Smart devices are omnipresent in our daily lives. 57% of homes in the UK had some sort of smart device in 2021. As the array of devices becomes ever larger, interconnectivity and interoperability will be key.  


Critical’s ConnectaX solution offers near-total interoperability between smart devices, including EV chargers, smart meters and smart home appliances. For energy suppliers and DNOs, the control ConnectaX gives to customers can help manage supply and demand. For customers, the efficiencies created could save them money.  

smart homes
Smart Meters

Smart meters are in Critical Software’s DNA. We’ve worked with the DCC and Secure Meters on developing software that helps meters communicate across the whole of the UK, playing a key part in one of the biggest infrastructure projects since World War II, the Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) is already changing the way we use energy, hugely benefiting consumers, the industry and the environment alike. 


Our work with smart meters so far has included: 

  • Developing SMITEn, an integrated testing environment for SMETS2 smart meters with direct access to DCC tools and industry protocols and specifications (GBCS, DUIS). 
  • Building and maintaining software on over 20 million smart meters installed on the Great Britain network. 
  • Implementing Parse & Correlate, offering standardised, HAN-ready messaging between smart meters and network operators. 
smart meters
Charles brings a wealth of business development experience to our mission to change the way the world leverages energy. His background in delivering high quality solutions to customers with dynamism and agility has powered the Smart Technology Solutions team towards success, their work securing for Critical the UK Department for Transport’s ‘Significant Investor Award’ and three consecutive DCC Partnership Awards. In his spare time, Charles can be found doing repairs around the house or at the gym.
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Charles Vertigen
Helder leads the charge as our Chief Technology Officer for Smart Technology Solutions, bringing the practical touch to energy and utilities solutions. With over 20 years’ experience in developing software within the Critical universe, he has a unique insight into how to bring your project to life. Aside from realising everything from meter testing solutions to integrated smart devices, Helder spends his time cooking and gardening.
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Helder Sousa