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We bring financial services to life, helping your institution embrace the digital future via dynamic, headless architectures and delivering flawless experiences to your customers. You can bank on that.
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Deposit innovation, withdraw returns.

Critical Software has extensive experience in the Finance industry, not only in disrupting traditional banking capabilities but also in the FinTech sector by shortening product time-to-market.

With our domain knowledge in implementing business critical software engineering and our proven ramp-up and Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) approaches catering for scale-up and system ownership needs, we help our clients adopt transformative solutions for their business and create new revenue streams rapidly, such as Automated SME Lending, Fraud Management or Crypto Currencies.

We add value to clients who need to balance business criticality with agility in software engineering.

Systems and Software Engineering
Systems and Software Engineering
Design & development of software solutions in complex, business critical environments! Utilising state-of-the-art and future proof technologies and methodologies, enabling our clients to renew their landscape and speed-up go-to-market for new products, services and solutions.
data engineering
Data Engineering
Data is the main asset, fueling modern organisations! Data Engineering is the enabler of flexible and state-of-the-art business models. From ensuring trusted data availability, via data visualisation to the utilisation of AI-based solutions to deliver expansive business growth through hyper-personalisation.
user experience
User Experience
Integrate UxD into every stage of the design, build and implementation process, leveraging what your customers think, feel and do to create bespoke products and services.
Quality Agility and Scalability
Quality, Agility & Scalability
Speed-up and scale your projects by applying reliable and agile processes that enable your growth without damaging what matters most: business continuity and ultimately customer satisfaction in your company!
cyber security
Cyber Security
Protect your systems, devices and sensitive information by adopting security by design, cyber risk management and cyber security governance.
technology consulting
Technology Consulting
Technology as the tool to address your business needs! With our technical experts we design the best suitable solution for your business needs and utilise technology to implement software solutions that enable you to drive your business forward.
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Banking Systems Modernisation
We specialise in modernising banking systems for the digital age.

Many banking systems are products of their time. Built decades ago to serve branch operations in a reliable and secure way, these systems are now expensive and cumbersome. They struggle to scale and fail to manage modern banking demands, namely the need for efficient, accessible and digitalised customer journeys.

The need for these systems to adapt has never been clearer and banks need to think about: 

  • Maintaining and improving key functionality within a more adaptable architecture.
  • Deriving more business value from existing data, using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. 
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify business services causing legacy systems to fail or that are increasing operational costs due to inefficiencies. 
  • Achieving all this in an agile way, with limited internal technical specialists.

Explore how we can modernise your core banking systems, delivering better bottom lines for your customer operations.

banking systems modernisation
Customer-Centric Digital Transformation
We help banks and other financial institutions become digitally driven organisations fit for the future.

21st century financial institutions face 21st century problems. Chief of these is the need for an ‘always-on’ digital approach which places the customer front and centre of their operations. With digital lifestyles, customers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and want immediate, secure and easy access to their accounts and the services offered by banks and other financial institutions. At the same time, a smart digital strategy allows institutions to rapidly capture and analyse intelligent data insights and real-time trends about what customers really want – tailoring their services in an agile way. 

Find out how Critical can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, placing both the needs of your institution and – most importantly – the desires of your customers at the forefront of digitalisation projects.

customer centric digital transformation
Digital Payments
We assist financial institutions in crafting innovative and enriched customer experiences, refining their payments architecture.

Our holistic approach to digital payments maximises business value. Key solutions include crafting bespoke customer journeys, seamlessly integrating diverse solutions (both legacy and new systems) and collaborating with various ecosystems to ensure seamless integration between providers and merchants.  

The emergence of digital-first challenger banks and FinTechs has compelled traditional institutions to elevate their payment services to meet customer demands. Customers now seek innovative experiences, combining multiple services into an all-in-one solution tailored to their busy lives. 

Discover how our teams can support your business in unleashing its digital payments potential. 

Data Engineering
We help you use data to meet customer and regulatory demands.

Data is, or should be, the cornerstone of most financial institutions. It can be used to implement effective fraud prevention measures, identify customer behaviours and reshape product offers accordingly, as well as make important metrics more accessible across organisations. 

Yet many financial institutions are unable to use or manage their data effectively. Some estimates put the amount of data used by financial institutions at 0.5% of that available to them. Worse still, many do not fully leverage the data they do have access to. PwC’s Big Decisions Survey in 2016 showed that only 33% of finance executives would expect to use data and analytics to influence their next big decision.  

Explore how Critical can unlock the potential of your institution’s data, from virtualisation to consolidation and much more.

data engineering
Cyber Security
We protect financial services from ever-changing cyber threats, safeguarding institutions from economic and reputational damage.

Financial services are under attack. 70% of UK financial institutions suffered some form of cyber attack in 2020. The digital transformation trend has opened up a multitude of weaknesses in the way institutions work, with 91% of mobile banking apps having at least one medium-risk vulnerability. With many incumbent banks relying on decades-old legacy systems to manage their operations, the risk increases dramatically. The older the system, the less safe it is to new and complex cyber attacks.  

In an age where Open Banking has opened up the possibility of data sharing between banks and third parties, it’s more important than ever to keep your data protected. Learn more about how Critical can protect your institution’s customer information and reputation. 

cyber security
Christian is the Business Development Director for Digital Engineering Services at Critical Software and responsible for the presence in financial services. He has more than 20 years' cross-industry experience in IT and technology, from telecom to finance, particularly in outsourcing and digital transformation initiatives.
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Christian Schultz
José has over 25 years’ experience in business consultancy, software development and architecture design, putting him in the perfect position to empower digital transformation, modernise core banking architectures and create bespoke data solutions. When he’s not working hard to build the future of finance, José can be found down by the sea, capturing the moment with his camera.
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