White Paper

Electric Vehicle Charging: The Next 10 Years 

Servicing Power Demand from EVs 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more common on roads in the UK and Europe. With higher rates of EV ownership comes greater demand for electricity to power them. This poses several problems, not only to distribution network operators (DNOs) who must balance electricity loads, but also to manufacturers who will need to develop technology that incorporates additional demand.  

In this white paper, discover: 

  • The current situation regarding EVs and where the market is heading in the next 10 years 
  • How Vehicle-to-Grid and Battery Energy Storage Systems can assist DNOs in managing electricity demand 
  • Open Charge Point Protocols (OCPP) and Standalone Auxiliary Proportional Controllers (SAPC), providing interoperability and functionality benefits including electricity load control 
  • Critical’s OCPP stack and SAPC assessment offers, preparing manufacturers for EV growth  
electric vehicle charging the next ten years whitepaper