Awaken your
Critical Superpowers

Inspired by what make us unique, we created the ultimate squad of superheroes – the Critical Titans!

Meet our Critical Titans. They’re inspired by our mission, what we stand for, and the work our people do helping to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Being a Critical Titan means pushing back the boundaries of technology to make an impact in our community and to the lives of millions. It’s about standing together, responding quickly, bravely and intelligently to solve problems.

Just like our Critical Titans, we relentless pursue making the best better, and are always hungry and ambitious for more. We don’t turn our backs when things get tough. We face difficulties bravely, guided by our dedication, honesty and integrity at all times.

Cortex is the oldest member of the Critical Titans and the mastermind behind the team. He is a telepath and can warp others’ perceptions to make himself seem invisible, as well as project mental illusions and waves of psychic energy. Cortex represents our strategic thinking abilities and leadership skills. He is a superhuman problem-solver and sees challenges before all others, plus he has incredible decision-making powers and an enhanced ability to spot people with special talents.
What software company would be complete without a genius with a serious love of tech? Ingenio represents not only the technology and software we develop, but also the attitude that makes us pursue next-level, ground-breaking ways of doing things.
Ingenio commands an army of nanobots that can build any object on the spot – these nanobots are also the basis of the gadgets he creates and his unique exoskeleton that enhances his physical abilities.
Ingenio is incredibly skilled at thinking unconventionally and from a range of different perspectives, which is why he never gives up questioning everything and seeking new answers.
Volt’s super power is speed, which allows her to travel through space and time, and through physical objects. Although she’s tiny, she can deliver a powerful punch, using her speed to create momentum.
Volt has a bold, get-things-done attitude. She is super focused and able to take on information rapidly, making her the perfect figurehead for our agile capabilities.
She is a driver of change and transformation: once she has a goal in mind, no one can keep up with her!
Zetta represents our team spirit and is the heart and soul of our Critical Titans. She’s the glue that binds the team together. She is kind, reliable and resilient, both mentally and physically strong.

Besides superhuman strength, her body is invulnerable to almost any kind of attack and she acts as a shield to protect the rest of the team when things get a little tough.

Is being a superhero in your blood? Get ready to test your powers!

Become one of our Titans and embark on a hands-on adventure where you test your powers and prove your worth in the battle to keep the world safe. We’re counting on you!
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