Verticalla – leading the charge in automated and efficient energy

We build innovative software solutions that allow people to benefit from the highest quality of life, in environmentally sustainable, smart buildings.

Our story

Verticalla is a joint venture between Critical Software and Sauter. We offer improved business performance for utilities through optimising assets and reducing operational energy costs in every area of our clients’ enterprises.

Thanks to years of expert design and demonstrable innovation, we can deliver assured, high-value returns for your business.

We can also help your company improve carbon footprint management, all the while eliminating the risk of non-compliance with related regulations. 

Our solutions

We aim to develop pioneering software solutions for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities in addition to offering infrastructure management, automation and asset optimisation for global enterprise.

Vision Center

Vision Center is an Enterprise Software Platform providing remote monitoring and control of multiple facilities and their related assets, with an aim to reduce energy use and operational costs. The system optimises asset efficiency and extends asset lifetimes. 

The platform unlocks 24/7 surveillance across multiple assets, buildings and facilities, delivering scalable and centralised efficiencies in business costs. Asset performance is consistently measured and compared with standards to identify and eradicate gaps.

The development process follows Critical Software’s Integrated Management System (IMS) which is certified against ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) – securing development against well recognised regulations. 

Additionally, the platform includes a productive and resource-rich project engineering suite: Vision Center Engineering. This sophisticated toolbox provides a 40% reduction in engineering resources, while significantly reducing project development and commissioning times.

Managed Services

Verticalla's Managed Services offer asset and energy data on an industry normalised platform. This allows users at various levels and departments to access summary information through real-time dashboards and reports. The normalisation of information enables fast, simple scaling aligned with industry and corporate standards, while the system notifies users of any deviation and corrective actions in the process.

Managed Energy Services offer accelerated identification and qualification of energy conservation measures through automated monitoring of consumption trend, equipment performance and benchmarking. This results in quick returns and increased business value for shareholders.

These services include:

  • Audits and energy usages carried out by our smart building experts
  • Measurement and verification baselines of facility consumptions.
  • Reports on operational cost saving opportunities: optimising settings, equipment parameters, implementation and control of best practices; fast ROI implementation of simple control equipment or complementary equipment, e.g. timers or door covers on refrigerated cabinets; selection of equipment replacement based on ROI, including LED based lighting, more efficient refrigeration cabinets or production systems.
  • Benchmarking between sites and international standards.
  • Deployment of data access technologies to multiple sites across the world, covering installation; commissioning; project management; specific assets; and systems integration.
  • Continuous analysis and delivery of energy conservation measures through automated reports and expert surveillance.

Our values

In a world which demands efficient and sustainable energy use, Verticalla is empowering businesses and end users to be part of the change. 

  • Sustainability: we are committed to developing advanced, sustainable solutions that help reduce CO2 emissions and save customers money.
  • Customer focus: we deliver significant value to our customers as a priority.
  • Global vision: we, like our customers, are global, and we pledge to support them - whether directly or through our partners and effective sales channels.
  • Quality: we have cultivated a quality driven culture, delivering originality as well as best practice thanks to extensive engineering and technological excellence.
  • People: we are dedicated to developing solutions that improve people’s quality of life and help to build a greener, more sustainable world.
  • Innovation and R&D: we recognise the value of R&D and integrate it into all of our solutions, allowing us to create unique services offering true value to businesses.

Our markets

We deliver Vision Center and Managed Services to clients across a range of verticals, including:

  • Facility and building management.
  • Infrastructure management.
  • Industrial manufacturing.
  • Retail.
  • Local authorities.
  • City lighting.
  • District heating.

Our clients

Verticalla delivers value for several different types of customer:

  • End users concerned about the impact of energy costs and paying more attention to their business performance across industries, including: retail, hospitals, universities, refrigerated warehouses, telecoms, industrial facilities, property managers, municipalities managing infrastructure needing to deliver a more efficient service to occupants.
  • Facility managers.
  • Real estate managers.
  • OEMs wanting to complement remote infrastructure management with an energy management solution.
  • Advisory firms desiring new business opportunities focused on improving financial performance for their corporate customers.
  • Distribution partners seeking a new best-in-class technology platform to manage their buildings and energy management business.
  • System integrators seeking innovative and efficient engineering platforms.
  • ESCO looking for platforms to support the optimisation and measurement of energy efficiency.

Our team

Board of directors

Klaus Trescher – Member of the Board

Gonçalo Quadros – Member of the Board

Our management team

Thomas Blum – Chief Executive Officer

Alexandre Amatori – Director of Product Management

Patrick Mercier – Director of Development & Integration

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