Smart System Integration and Interoperability

When it comes to smart homes, managing integrated smart devices is key.

Critical’s experience in smart system interoperability and integration allows us to build the perfect solutions for ensuring your meters link smoothly to the wider network. 

We help operators by informing decisions to ensure assets work together effectively and efficiently. Our energy management system capability is enjoyed by customers across three continents and controls over 30GW of energy from hydro, thermal, solar and wind sources across more than 20 countries. The system we offer provides powerful data alignment functionality, extracting data from multiple sources using different production techniques to generate efficiencies. 

We have worked with Voltalia to improve the productivity and efficiency of its solar energy portfolio, giving us the techniques needed to manage and connect multiple systems. Not only that, we are adept at ensuring our clients have the skills they need to manage these solutions well into the future. 

Our Vision Center IoT management software has been similarly successful in integrating multiple sensors and controllers to reduce energy use and operational costs, optimising asset efficiency and extending the lifespan of the smart device system. Bringing 24/7 surveillance to the operator, Vision Center provides optimal smart building management whilst reducing manpower requirements by 40%. 


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