Smart Meter Test Tools

We specialise in software verification and validation across many markets.

We have a strong pedigree in the energy sector, especially in smart meter device testing and the development and application of test tools.

Our award-winning validation solutions for smart metering include electronic compliance test automation services (hardware-in-the-loop or emulated), as well as bespoke solutions for the validation and verification of smart meter devices and networks, in order to provide quality assurance of devices for manufacturers, energy suppliers and network operators.

We developed our Smart Meter Integrated Test Environment (SMITEn) solution to provide a highly flexible and modular test environment for energy providers and meter device manufacturers. SMITEn provides electronic testing by using built-in device emulators, which allows for test development and preparation without the need to have real devices in the loop. The simulation of the physical testing of devices takes place through a self-provided HAN or through a communication hub’s HAN and end-to-end testing (for example, DUIS-GBCS-MMC).

We also provide smart metering tools and protocol stacks to help with the implementation of smart meter software, diagnostic tools and SDKs, encryption and authentication support, including GBCS, ZigBee (SEP, ZCL) and DLMS/COSEM, device and HAN emulators, and test tools to support development throughout the software lifecycle.


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