Smart Device Assurance

The scale and speed of smart infrastructure adoption delivers a new set of challenges for the energy market

We have developed a number of test tools and independent verification and validation services that can be used by the energy market to help provide evidence that these new technologies are safe, secure and functionally suitable.

Energy suppliers, consumers and financiers seek assurance that smart devices will work effectively in a smart environment - that they will be interoperable and interchangeable.

We provide a flexible set of services to suit different types and sizes of clients. Our smart meter device test tools can be implemented within manufacturers’ existing test infrastructures. Alternatively, manufacturers can provide their devices to be tested ‘as-a-service’, using existing or client-defined test scripts, providing detailed post-test reports of problems with follow-up consultancy if required.

Clients can choose from a full suite of options, including a variety of test tools (bespoke test tools can also be developed if required), experienced test engineers, accommodation for test infrastructure and test scripts (again, with bespoke test-script writing if required).


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