Safety-Critical V&V

Rail is one of the most efficient ways of transporting goods and people.

In an age marked by the rapid introduction of new technologies and the unrelenting growth of interconnectivity, many fail to see rail as a realm of innovation. However, the fact is that rail transport has entered a new revival age that is no longer confined to the few countries around the world that have led the development of high-speed networks.

The rail landscape for the 21st century provides significant opportunities for those able to address its challenges. Accurately forecasting how future railway systems will look may seem like a hard task. Some things are almost certain, however: increases in passenger comfort and safety and a more competitive global market. One key challenge is how to perform V&V of ever more complex systems within narrow time frames, while delivering increasing levels of safety assurance. This is a challenge we are devoted to.

Our vast experience across a wide range of safety-critical domains enables us to deliver an effective and efficient V&V solution to increasingly complex and competitive projects.

We offer a comprehensive set of V&V services for the rail industry that include:

  • TCMS Software Testing: including component and integration testing in full conformance with the provisions of CENELEC EN 50128.
  • HMI Testing: testing of human-machine interfaces such as the software applications running on the consoles operated by the train driver.
  • System Testing: definition of test cases for different vehicle functions and execution of test procedures in either a test rack or train simulator. Case studies of functions tested by us include main line voltage, auxiliary power, doors control, TCMS, etc.
  • In-Vehicle Testing: definition of test cases for tests on the vehicle and execution of the respective test procedures. This is done in close co-operation with the client's technical and management personnel.

Verification & Validation

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