Energy and Operations Management Solutions

Our solutions remove costly guesswork and improve the performance of key assets.

For companies involved in the production and distribution of energy, accurate, real-time information on the performance of key assets and the ways in which they are operated and maintained is crucial.

Our energy management solutions remove costly guesswork and improve the performance of key assets. We can help to drive business efficiency and reduce costs by using the power of predictive analytics to provide up-to-the minute information on operations and performance metrics.

Unlike most options available on the market, our solutions are developed specifically for each individual client, keeping in mind that many energy companies have unusual requirements that standard, off-the-shelf products simply cannot cater for.

We have developed new systems that incorporate several non-standard industry energy management software functions, for customers in the solar, wind and hydro power sector.

Our solutions are for companies that manage either renewable or non-renewable energy sources, and are designed to:

  • Provide real-time metrics, KPI monitoring (business or operational) and report generation
  • Support in-house and remote monitoring through intuitive dashboards
  • Transform large collections of data into meaningful information and easy-to-understand “single points of truth”
  • Maximise the availability of operational assets
  • Support better decision making and timely, optimised interventions of operations and maintenance processes
  • Promote effective resource management, based on controlling and optimising operations and maintenance programmes
  • Support the automation of operations and maintenance workflows, reducing manual work and ensuring process compliance and effectiveness

Our solutions offer flexible, modular frameworks and cover several different needs:

  • Maintenance planning and control
  • Maintenance workflows (events and interventions)
  • Operations monitoring (including real-time operational and business KPIs)
  • Hydro-power planning, monitoring and simulation
  • Reporting (including reports and KPIs demanded by regulators)

Our modular, scalable solutions are deployable across several different energy-generation environments:

  • Hydro power plants
  • Thermo power plants
  • Wind turbine parks
  • Solar parks


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