Energy Software Management and Application Management Services

Critical Software develops high-integrity, high-quality software that works first time, all the time.

We offer energy software services and management to a range of clients, from DNOs to meter manufacturers, from smart building software providers to renewable energy companies. Whether a DNO requires new software to help better manage distribution or a meter manufacturer wants to improve the usability of their smart meters, we can support those working in energy to get the most out of their tech. 

Our aim is to help our clients define their problem and understand what they are trying to achieve, resulting in well-understood system requirements. We then offer a through-life service for applications that our customers own, providing any combination from initial implementation and legacy system migration, to monitoring live operations and delivering a continuous development and support plan. This ensures great outcomes for our clients and their customers - a sense that they have exactly what they need. 

The result is software that delivers for our clients. Our work with the Data Communications Company (DCC) has brought our software to over 50 million smart meters across the UK, as well as managing over 1900 smart buildings. Our approach to the design, development and maintenance of software stands head and shoulders above most industry providers. This is evidenced by the certification standards we hold, such as:

  • ISO 9001 
  • CMMI-DEV Level 5
  • ISO 27001

We use the most up-to-date, reliable and agile software development methodologies to ensure maximum value for our customers. Our ‘always on’ approach to customer interaction means we can consider changing needs through user feedback during the development process, avoiding the costly changes that occur when following more traditional delivery methodologies.


We’ll be glad to help you on any subject we can.

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