White Paper

Security Challenges in the Digital Transformation of Retail Banks

As part of the ongoing digital transformation of retail banks, an evolutionary trend towards more direct models and the use of predominantly digital channels is driving significant investment in new customer facing systems, as well as increasing the number of apps for smartphones and digital tablets.

Utilising the ‘Secure Software Development Lifecycle’ (SSDLC) process provides software engineers with a straightforward, complete route to ensuring security and quality at each milestone of the software development process.

In this free white paper, you can learn more about:

  • Insightful software security trends and some of the reasons why a new approach to development is necessary
  • The full breakdown of the SSDLC process and how it differs from traditional software development methods
  • The benefits and improvements this process can offer organisations operating in the finance sector
  • An example of how this process was used during a software development project for a large European bank