Case Study

Modernising Outdated Core Banking Solutions

Time ages. And eventually there will come a time when even a core software solution becomes too overgrown to function effectively.

This is what happened with one of Critical Software’s banking clients, a tier 1 European bank who required assistance in performing a technical assessment of a monolithic platform incorporating workflows for its credit products.  

We developed a monolith modernisation strategy, involving the creation of modern architecture approaches and pragmatic applications for continuous integration, defining a three-step plan to enhance the client’s core system. This ensured the client could implement our recommendations for core system improvement, forming a fundamental part of their digital transformation strategy. 

Critical was also given the opportunity to contribute to the implementation phase of this wider digital transformation project, building on the working relationship developed during this project.

In this case study, find out about: 

  • The importance of strategy when carrying out modernisation programmes
  • The long-term impact of quick digital transformation wins 
  • How an incremental approach benefited the size of the project
  • Why external expertise can bring added value to large business-wide projects
modernising outdated core banking solutions case study