Case Study

Managing System Obsolescence

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning information stored on outdated systems runs the risk of becoming inaccessible while the systems themselves become costly to maintain. 

Critical worked with a financial institution that wanted to retrieve historic accounting information from an obsolete system. Our approach was based on the need not only to recover this information, but to improve its accessibility by transferring it to the new system as editable documents, allowing for the obsolete system to be switched off. 

This process had to be carried out while minimising any potential disruption to other business activities.


In this case study, find out more about: 

  • The usefulness and cost challenges of maintaining obsolete systems
  • The step-by-step process for managing historic information retrieval
  • How we built a new centralised platform to improve historic data accessibility
  • The rigorous testing procedures needed to verify the new system’s integrity
managing system obsolescence case study