Case Study

Architecture Transformation in Retail Banking


The modern customer is digitally-savvy, demanding 24/7 access to the services they use. The world of retail banking is no different. Yet many still operate using archaic software architectures which are unable to cater for the dynamic, instant services customers crave. 

Critical Software was tasked by a banking institution to perform a thorough analysis of their home-buying process, which resulted in a set of changes needing to be made and a comprehensive digital home-buying process incorporating features like an online mortgage simulator as well as an interactive mortgage application tracker. These were designed with an overarching user experience strategy in mind, spanning several customer channels including web, mobile, and branches.  

In this case study, learn more about:

  • How software evaluation is a key prerequisite to effective software development
  • The importance of Agile in developing software dynamically 
  • How optimising core business functions depends on well-mapped business process management systems
  • Why user experience is key when understanding how users interact with the platform
architecture transformation in retail banking case study