Application Software Stacks

For any company wishing to develop new hardware and/or associated software, it’s vital to have a representative system environment that mirrors the operational software which their product or service will need to work and interface with.

Critical has delivered several software stacks to support safety and business-critical applications and infrastructure in multiple market segments. In energy, we are the provider of a set of core interoperability and validation systems for one of the most advanced smart metering programmes in the world, known as UK Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP).

Our expertise and stacks cover a set of key technologies such as Zigbee, DLMS/COSEM, OCPP, DUIS, GBCS and SMETS 1&2. These technologies are applicable in domains such as interoperability and integration, verification and validation, firmware development and hardware integration.

Critical is vendor agnostic; we leverage our core systems engineering expertise and select best of breed software stacks or develop our own for each individual challenge our clients need to solve, and we often engineer end-to-end solutions fit for purpose and context.

Our combination of highly-skilled engineers, domain knowledge and pre-developed technological stacks helps companies develop assured solutions more rapidly and at lower cost, which are built to exceptionally high-quality standards leading to improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.


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