Case Study

Updating Legacy Products

Legacy systems with limited usefulness exist in most businesses. This begs the question, why do businesses continue to maintain and operate these systems? For the most part, they do so because the time and effort spent on building and implementing a replacement system simply cannot be justified. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way… 

Critical was tasked by a client to replace a legacy screen display used to show betting information, including video feeds from events as well as bet prices. Our primary aim was to minimise any disruption caused to the existing screen display. 

Through an intelligently designed solution and use of the Agile project management methodology, we were able build the new screen displays in record time and with direct and dynamic client involvement.  

In this case study, discover:

  • Why some businesses maintain inefficient legacy systems rather than replace them
  • The technologies we used to develop the new screen display for the client
  • How Critical reduced testing and QA times and minimised disruption
  • How we used Agile to make the design, build, and implementation process more dynamic
updating legacy products case study