Case Study

Unlocking Insights With Data Consolidation

Insights are only as good as the data that informs them. Bad data means bad insights. Even worse, it could mean bad key performance indicators (KPIs), leaving businesses with no proper way to measure their success.  

Critical worked alongside the BMW Group to improve the quality of data used to inform their sales KPIs, introducing OneGPM to their interactions with data to harmonise data with the purpose of driving sales. 

The benefits of consolidating data into a single source of truth are numerous. This case study outlines how:  

  • Consolidation can resolve data inconsistencies caused by different recording practices across multiple locations 
  • Large volumes of data can be processed with ease through process optimisation 
  • Data quality can be assured by the features contained in the centralised OneGPM platform 
  • Monitoring data throughout pipelines is vital to ensure consistently good data and, hence, excellent business insights 
unlocking insights with data consolidation case study