Case Study

Developing Tool Suites for Aircraft HUMS

When working with systems handling copious amounts of information, it’s vital that the data obtained is put to good use. 

AugustaWestland (now Leonardo) tasked Critical with building a suite of tools for a wider Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for the AW101 medium-lift super-helicopter, used in civilian and defence settings. The solution needed to be software-based and had to enable the complete leveraging of collected data. 

Critical designed an open-standards HUMS solution leveraging Web 2.0 technologies, with modularity and flexibility built in. Coupled with a web interface combining multiple functionalities, the solution unlocked drastic improvements in operational performance, producing debriefing time efficiencies of up to 300% as well as significant reductions in mission deployment times. 

Learn more about:

  • Why harnessing information to create operational efficiencies is important
  • The use of web-based interfaces to integrate multiple functions 
  • How to optimise productivity through simple changes to user access
  • Why modularity and flexibility are key to developing dynamic, future-proof solutions
developing tool suites for aircraft hums case study