Case Study

SMETS1 Enduring Support for the DCC

SMETS1 meters have gradually been replaced by SMETS2 devices in the UK since 2018. However, some pre-existing SMETS1 meters remain in operation in households and businesses, requiring support from the Data Communications Company (DCC).  

As part of its Enduring Support solution, Critical Software leveraged its intimate knowledge of the DCC to offer expertise and technical assistance to managing Dual Control Organisation (DCO) and Commissioning Party System (CPS) applications, as well as helping to resolve migration issues between SMETS1 and 2 meters.  

In this case study, learn more about: 

  • The importance of shared knowledge in developing robust systems 
  • How a dynamic work model enables system improvements to be requested, implemented and tested 
  • Why in-person, on-site teams can help improve and expedite solution builds 
  • A close and effective partnership resulting in efficient information exchange and the rapid fixing of errors 
smets1 enduring support for the dcc case study