Case Study

Simplifying Campaigns Management

Managing sales and marketing campaigns can be a trying task. Making sure campaigns are sufficiently attractive to customers; that they produce meaningful data insights to the business; and that they offer good returns on investment are just some of the factors that must be accounted for.

Critical Software was given the task of designing, building, and implementing a platform through which users could access key information about promotional campaigns, including target geographies, spend thresholds, and financing options. The platform naturally had to be easy to use and navigate as well as provide access to real-time data from multiple sources.

Our solution gave users the ability to self-serve campaign data and information requests, meaning key metrics and insights could be acquired with little to no delay. Through considering user experience at every stage of the design and build process, minimal user training was required, and manual task dependency was cut significantly which encouraged considerable commercial benefits.

In this case study, learn more about:

  • How Critical’s solution empowered users with a 360-view of promotional campaigns 
  • Why providing autonomy to users benefited campaign customisation
  • Data and its role in improving decision-making capabilities 
  • The positives of integrating user experience considerations into software build processes
simplifying campaigns management case study