Sentiment Analysis and the Phygital Experience in Retail

Retailers have a powerful tool at their fingertips when it comes to gauging customers’ emotional responses to products or services: sentiment analysis. While sentiment analysis has hitherto involved analysing written text to extract emotions, advances in AI mean that analysis can now be conducted using image and audio inputs in real-time. Through this, retailers can engage with customers live while in store or on the phone, monitoring with consent their responses and using insights to change the way a store is laid out or the script used by a call centre agent – fundamentally changing the entire customer journey. 

In this guide, discover: 

  • The role of data and AI in empowering retailers to revolutionise customer experiences
  • A multimodal approach to incorporating sentiment analysis into retailers’ daily business
  • Benefits provided by sentiment analysis at key stages of the customer journey
  • Critical’s experience in delivering AI-powered behavioural analysis solutions to clients
sentiment analysis and the phygital experience in retail guidebook