Case Study

Monitoring Solar Farm Performance

The rise of renewables brings with it an additional challenge for energy producers: energy management. This was true of our client Voltalia, who required support to boost their solar farm monitoring capabilities with the aim of optimising productivity and efficiency, while also introducing mechanisms to minimise plant losses and increasing revenue.

Critical Software was tasked with developing a bespoke approach to solar power management, one which accounted for the project’s unique requirements. Our engineers built a central control centre which was capable of monitoring hundreds of solar farms simultaneously and measuring hundreds of megawatts of power across these sites. This generated insightful business data for Voltalia, allowing them to generate meaningful business, data-based objectives in real-time.  

In this case study, learn more about: 

  • The challenges of managing a large renewable energy portfolio
  • How a bespoke centralised system can improve energy efficiency
  • The benefit of real-time data in detecting faults and formulating KPIs
  • The cost benefits of efficient and bespoke energy management
monitoring solar farm performance case study