Case Study

Meeting UK Smart Metering Requirements

Smart meters operating in the UK must comply with requirements laid out by the Data Communication Company (DCC). Achieving this compliance is often easier said than done, with smart meter manufacturers having to ensure their devices are not only compliant when integrated into the network but also remain so for years to come.  

Secure Meters, a smart meter manufacturer, tasked Critical Software with ensuring their SMETS1 devices could more easily migrate to the DCC network. Our solution covered real-time migration, user interoperability and end-to-end security, ensuring devices could offer users the most up-to-date features while being fully compliant with industry requirements. 


In this case study, learn about:  

  • The Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) and the challenges smart meter manufacturers face  
  • Smart metering device standards applicable in the UK  
  • The cost and user experience benefits resulting from our solution  
  • How device interoperability will be key to smart meter users in future  
meeting uk smart metering requirements case study