White Paper

How to Fail at Airborne Software Development

Failing at avionics software development is easy. An unhealthy software development process is just like a poor nutritional diet: bad habits can result in real harm to health. Understanding and addressing how and why avionics software development can fail is the first step towards getting it right.

So, what factors contribute to failure? In this exclusive free guidebook, two world-leading avionics software experts discuss the key ‘dos and don’ts’ of software development and verification and validation in the aerospace sector.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • DO-178C’s ten certification process categories
  • The most common reasons for failing DO-178C, including:
  • Designing for failure
  • Encoding code
  • Insufficient software and integration testing
  • Configuration mismanagement
  • Inadequate quality insurance
  • And much more...

The guidebook will show you how to avoid these mistakes and how proper planning and effective use of resources leads to successful airborne software development that is on budget and on time.

how to fail at avionics software development whitepaper