Case Study

Evolving Tactical Data Link Operations

When developing a new capability for defence and peacekeeping forces some key questions should be considered. How does the system fit in with the force’s overarching doctrine? Has training been accounted for in the system? Is the system interoperable with that of other forces?

Our client purchased a system to build tactical data link capabilities according with the structure of defence capabilities suggested by NATO, DOTPLMF-I and felt the need to provide training to the garrison. They then hired Critical to develop a solution in accordance with the Link 16 and Link 22 standards, which would allow training the garrison before using the tactical data link system on their ships, part of an international fleet.

The project involved close co-operation with the client, setting up workshops to ensure their interoperability requirements were met and backlog prioritised. A scenario simulator was also established to enable easy training for potential users of the data links. 

In this case study, learn more about:

  • The need for a training system enabling remote/physical tactical data link exercises
  • How our user-centric solution ensured continuous improvement throughout the design process
  • The cost reductions achieved by the solution through improved garrison operationality
evolving tactical data link operations case study