White Paper

Enhancing Data Consolidation in Ecommerce 

Accelerating digital transformation through data 

Getting to know your customer is easier than you think. In the age of digital retail, leveraging data effectively is paramount to identifying customers’ wants and needs, giving ecommerce businesses the tools they require to build bespoke, engaging and convenient customer journeys.  

But managing data isn’t easy – and there are many options open to online retailers regarding how to compile and store their data. Doing it right can prove to be a major help in accelerating digital transformation, placing the customer at the heart of external and internal business processes. 

From data lakes and data hubs to creating a well-defined migration framework, how can online retailers take advantage of data consolidation? 

In this white paper, discover: 

  • How to avoid the temptation of ‘big bang’ modernisation projects 
  • Data hubs and how they can bring disparate datasets together, simplifying consolidation and accelerating digital transformation 
  • BOT, or Build, Operate, Transfer: the framework used by Critical to data migration  
  • Data governance structures and compliance, and how to make these easier in ecommerce settings 
enhancing data consolidation in ecommerce whitepaper