Case Study

Customer-Centric Data Platforms for Banks

If data should do one thing for banks and other financial institutions, it’s this: to tell them more about their customers. Many banks realise this but struggle to find the tools to help them derive comprehensive insights from their data. 

And that’s where Critical comes in. We helped a tier one European bank build an operational data hub for their Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) lending platform, aggregating data from a range of sources and giving users maximum accessibility and flexibility with their data usage. 

Our solution:  

  • Provides an agile way for the bank to aggregate and manage data 
  • Creates efficiencies through data streaming support  
  • Evolves and scales autonomously, reducing dependence on human input 
  • Can deliver real-time data derived from over 1 million customers 
customer centric data platforms for banks case study