Case Study

Building Open Insurance Communities

Communicating and standardising information between insurance brokers is integral to resolving claims. Not only does such exchange and standardisation need to be efficient; it also needs to be secure. 

Critical Software worked with several Portuguese insurance firms to create an inter-company service allowing for the transfer of information in a controlled, easily accessible manner, establishing a dictionary of common elements and data structures between brokers. We also helped automate business processes for these insurers, taking advantage of an open-source architecture and API technology to accelerate and interconnect processes and ensure the easy usability of the information exchange platform. 

In this case study, learn more about:

  • How API technology can be used to ensure all parties involved in a claim have access to the same, centralised data 
  • Using open-source components to reduce project costs 
  • Benefiting from incorporating automation into business process management
  • The value of a business rules layer when wanting to identify rule changes rapidly 
building open insurance communities case study