Software Security & Product Assurance

IT systems are growing increasingly complex and becoming more integrated and interdependent on one another.

With time and money an increasingly precious commodity in competitive marketplaces, software development and deployment happen concurrently and continuously across multiple applications operating within IT ecosystems. Security threats to software are also increasing in sophistication and attackers are more resourceful than ever before.

These pressures require product development and quality assurance to go hand in hand; the best way to develop functional, performant and secure systems is to build from the ground up, continuously assuring functionality, performance and security at every new build stage. This demands agile, efficient, continuous build environments, sophisticated test automation and optimisation, as well as systematic testing of functionality, performance and security – all done in a structured and continuous manner across the software life cycle.

Our independent software security and product assurance services help our clients in a number of ways:

  • Process improvement & gap analysis
  • Test automation & optimisation
  • Security testing services
  • Source code quality and design verification
  • Performance and scalability testing
  • Independent software testing
  • Test management services
  • Continuous build, delivery and test environments
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Third-party application compliance testing

Our services increase the performance, quality, reliability and security of IT applications. We help to conceive and develop modern IT applications with reliability and security ‘built in’ from day one. We are also able to routinely execute large validation test campaigns without negatively impacting product performance or time-to-market by taking advantage of automated test strategies, tools and frameworks. This helps our clients to more easily reduce the risks associated with regulatory, legal and financial liability, or the loss of brand credibility and revenue that comes with security breaches, product failures and inefficient or inadequate test teams.

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