Integrated Electronic Systems

New technologies are the driving force behind a whole new range of systems and gadgets, with the goal of simplifying and improving our lives.

However, many of these new systems are safety, mission or business-critical. We support the proper integration of these new technologies and systems by ensuring that they are safe, secure and fit-for-purpose.

Our services for integrated electronic systems build on our extensive experience and knowledge of the hardware and software at the heart of these systems, understanding what it takes to achieve system objectives.

From working on safety and mission-critical electronic systems that manage airborne, land and naval combat systems, right through to projects working on business-critical electronic systems that control energy grids or are used to test equipment installed in those grids, our flexible approach means we are able to deliver holistic systems independently or to incorporate our experts directly into customer development teams in order to assist them.

Our broad industry expertise means we are able to work with the most demanding standards, including IEC 61508, EN 50126, ISO 26262, ARP4754, MIL-STD-499, ISO/IEC 15288 and many more.

Our multi-disciplinary teams cover the full spectrum of integrated electronic systems development, including requirements analysis, defining and specifying the system concept, electronic and mechanical engineering development, software development, RAMS and user experience design (UxD), as well as any necessary system testing and certification support.

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