Agile Software Development

Rapidly-deployable, customised software, applications and systems are key business-enablers for 21st  century companies.

An increasingly competitive landscape and exacting consumer demands require modern businesses to place the quick, agile and sustainable development of new technologies at the heart of their growth strategies.

Against this backdrop, the digital age promises new opportunities and we are able to help clients to adopt and integrate new and disruptive technologies. We help clients by:

  • Alleviating the pressure they face to rapidly come up with new products and software solutions in cost-effective, predictable and controllable ways.
  • Expanding their internal capacity and capability to develop new technologies and software products, as required by business growth, change and digitisation plans.
  • Removing the ongoing fixed-costs associated with complex infrastructure and skilled personnel - typically required in order to develop new products and software solutions.

We provide significant savings over traditional in-house development models, helping clients looking to outsource their software development. We are able to develop new software products, re-engineer existing software products with new technologies and platforms, and provide full software lifecycle management services.

Combining our technical expertise with intuitive User Experience Design (UXD) and proven project management capabilities, we are able to design and deliver robust software architectures for the deployment of resilient, high-traffic and concurrent applications in predictable projects.

Our engineering and software services support clients adopting a near-shore outsourcing or onsite servicing model, across the full range of software development lifecycle services – from product conceptualisation, architecture design, user experience development, product development, migration and testing. On project completion, we are also able to provide clients with ongoing software maintenance and support, as well as application management services.

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