Juggling Jobs! How to Handle Being in Demand.

July 26, 2019

In a perfect world we would have all of the job offers on the table at once to be able to ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best job of them all?"

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When we set off on a job hunt, our goal is (surprise, surprise!) to catch ourselves a nice, juicy job offer. But what if we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by opportunity, with not one, but two or even three job opportunities to choose from? Once the flattery and excitement settles down, that can be quite an overwhelming position to be in!

In a perfect world we would have all of the job offers on the table at once to be able to ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best job of them all?" The fairy-tale hope is that – like magic - an answer reflects straight back at us. Unfortunately, that is not often the case and navigating multiple job offers can pose a real test to our decision-making and negotiation skills.

Well, dear friends, we’re here to the rescue! With our guidelines in mind, we can help you to navigate the job jungle and land that killer role.

Tip #1 Know What You Are Hunting

We can’t stress this enough.

Be aware of your priorities: is it salary? benefits? Learning potential? Career prospects? Company culture? Work-life balance? These can change at different points in your life, but a good tip is to think about your medium-term vision, not just what you want on the day.

Tip #2 Map Things Properly

Gather all the information about each job offer and take your time to analyse them side by side, checking them against your priorities list. If you feel you need some more information, reach out and seek clarification with your potential employer, asking them the questions you might have.

Tip #3 Stay Calm in the Jungle

When offered what sounds like a promising job, it can be tempting to jump up and down and scream ‘Yes!’. Nonetheless, although should express your appreciation and enthusiasm when receiving a job offer, don’t cave in to over-excitement and accept it right away. Ask your employer when they need to know your decision and use that time wisely to try to come to a decision in a rational way.

Tip #4 Tick Tock…

While we might agree that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, it is also very reasonable to want to know more about the other options you might have, especially when you are not completely sure about the current job offer on the table. However, job offers don’t often land in your inbox at the same time. How to manage the tricky timing factor?

- Slowing Things Down

Asking for further clarifications about your job offer details or even getting to know the team you might be working with are reasonable requests which can buy you some extra time before needing to make a final decision. However, be very mindful about how you frame your requests, so you don’t suggest a lack of interest.

- Speeding Things Up

If you have a good relationship, you might also consider approaching a potential employer and asking them if it is possible to speed up the process because you have received another offer that you need to make a decision on. Once again, be cautious about how you word the request and emphasise your sincere interest in their opportunity – as well as your sensitivity to the employer’s processes and timelines too.

- Showing Your Hand

While experts differ on whether you should share the fact you have other job options available, most agree that, although there’s some risk, when handled carefully, honesty can work in your favour. This is especially true if you’re a candidate in demand. It’s difficult to judge this and depends on a lot of different factors but showing your other options can help when you’re trying to speed up the recruitment process and to know everything that’s available to you.

Tip #5 Offers Worth the Paper They’re Printed On!

Remember, unless you got that offer in writing, the game is not on. Verbal offers, no matter who makes them, are not real until they’re written down nice and clear on an official document. Make sure you mention to HR ‘how you’re looking forward to receiving the written offer’. Wink, wink!

Tip #6 Exiting the Stage Gracefully

So, you have made your decision. The pain is finally over.

Now, no one likes being the second choice. And yes, you might feel like you are disappointing an employer by turning down their offer, especially if they allowed you extra time and space for your decision. However, it’s important to inform the employer whose offer you are turning down as soon as you can, whilst genuinely thanking each person involved in the recruitment process for the interest they showed. We have some tips elsewhere on how best to do this! Remember – maybe somewhere down the line your paths will cross again.

Now, with the breakups nicely handled, congratulations on your newly found love!

Remember to send your job offer acceptance letter saying you accept your new role, show some appreciation and enthusiasm and confirm your starting date, which you are likely to have discussed already.

If you are looking for a new role to get your teeth stuck into, check out our open positions here.

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