Innovate, Elaborate, and Keep It Headless

December 22, 2022

Check out our comprehensive guide to Headless eCommerce. Stuck for ideas, in need of a revamp, got a plan but no idea how to implement it? Headless eCommerce is more than just another buzzword. Find out how to make your next steps and transform your website!

Two employees handling logistics with the help of headless ecommerce applications

Optimising agility, keeping ahead of the curve, and reflecting the corporate stance are just a few of the vital elements that keep companies moving onwards and upwards.

Of course, the irony of so many acronyms and complex corporate lingo is that we mere mortals end up getting bogged down and scratching our heads as to what it all means... putting a rather definitive end to any would-be progress from using such shortened forms. Headless eCommerce is a buzz phrase that’s been making the rounds of late. Therefore, in order not to dishearten you with yet another bit of jargon, let’s dive into what it actually means.  

Headless eCommerce involves separating the front-end and back-end elements of an eCommerce application. Essentially, this decoupling allows changes to be made and tested without having a negative effect on the back-end side of things. Most importantly, you get to work on both ends simultaneously. What Headless eCommerce does is save you precious time and resources, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. One backstage that serves all channels represents the fastest way to have an omnichannel approach to the market. Gone are the days of lengthy, drawn-out procedures! Transparency, productivity, and innovation are here to stay. To really gauge the benefits of Headless eCommerce, let’s take a look at some of the main issues faced by traditional approaches. 

Most Common Traditional eCommerce Problems 

  1. Innovation and Creativity – For some companies, these words are synonymous with expense. Picking apart what you already have and working out which template will work for you, while also ensuring no breaks in your code are detected all take time. The time needed to customise can often leave you wondering, ‘What was the point?’. 
  2. Lacklustre UX – When you consider all the potential issues that could arise, you can see why companies may view changes with a certain degree of aversion. Yet, it is that apathetic view that will cost companies dearly in the months and years ahead. We should be attracting customers by offering seamless interface design, and access across all devices, attracting not repelling.  
  3. Not Everything Is as It Seems – An apparently simple issue can turn into a nightmare. Once you start down the road of picking things apart, it can very quickly unravel at an alarming rate. A ‘harmless’ change can impact many places across the platform, inhibiting the possibility of a painless, step-by-step evolution. 
  4. More Channels, More Problems? – UX is centred around ease of access and convenience of use. Whether at home or out and about, failing to equip your digital front-stage with the ability to work across different platforms acts as a real hindrance to potential customers and a massive stop sign to increased business. 
  5. Finger on the Pulse – Not everything has to be so overwhelmingly complicated that you opt out. Working alongside our team of professionals gives you the opportunity to shape your solution and the freedom to interact and nurture the product around your vision.  

Why Critical? 

At Critical, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver remarkable experiences. If you’re looking to create solutions to revamp your business and deliver your clients exceptional UX through Headless eCommerce, then you’ve come to the right place.  

Why We’re the Right Fit?  

Early Adopter 

Are you searching for advice about which off-the-shelf solution to choose? Having doubts about whether you need a team? Maybe this is just all new to you and a little guidance would go down a storm? 

Some companies opt for the quick and easy, off-the-shelf solution. Quick and easy it is, however, adapted to your needs it is not. Of course, when time isn’t a luxury, it’s the only option, right? Wrong! The beauty of Headless eCommerce is the ease and flexibility it provides. The result is, you have a solution that not only meets your needs but goes above and beyond. You collaborate with a qualified team of professionals, so you know you’re in safe hands. The solution is comprehensive, quick to launch, and built to cater for any changes you fancy in the future. Did we mention that by opting for a turnkey solution you actually save on expenses? 

Tread Boldly 

Vamping up your front-stage can seem like a pretty daunting task. You’re taking a step into undiscovered territory and handing over the reins. We get it, which is why we’ve developed our approach to take the weight off your shoulders while involving you in the process at the same time. Together, with our knowledge, experience, and scope we can create a truly immersive and extraordinary UX. 

Our Tips 

  1. Headless eCommerce offers brands the freedom to choose how and when they want to spruce up their front-stage and extend the backstage without exposing the business to undesired risks. 
  2. Working alongside our in-house development team gives you the opportunity to make use of our customised approach, to increase turnarounds, plus additional skills and competencies to tap into — at your disposal. 
  3. The added beauty of our solution is that elaborating it in-house increases efficiency and cuts costs. 
  4. Let us do the legwork. In a post-Covid world, keeping on top of new up-and-coming touchpoints can be a real headache. Delegating tasks to capable teams will guarantee your time is spent in the most efficient way possible. 
  5. Reap the rewards. 

Our trailblazing team is comprised of experts in augmented reality, semantics search, image recognition, and personalisation. Critical’s overarching goal is to enable companies to unleash the full potential of their business through the medium of eCommerce. By equipping companies with the tools to implement changes, we are not only enabling them to put their best foot forward and stand out in a crowded market, but we’re empowering them to deliver the best solutions for their customers and lead the market across all channels rather than simply following trends. 

If you think your business could do with an overhaul to maximise its true potential, why not book a meeting with Rui Gonçalves