The FIKALAB ISEC Challenge Is Back

October 6, 2020

For the third year in a row, Critical Software and ISEC challenge students to develop innovative technological projects.

The FIKALAB ISEC Challenge is Back

Critical Software is proud to announce the return of the FIKALAB ISEC Challenge, daring the ISEC community to develop innovative technological projects. The applications for the third edition of the challenge open today.

This partnership between Critical Software and ISEC allows students to come up with inventive ideas and gives them the opportunity to make these ideas come to life, using technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud infrastructures and sensors.

The first two successful editions had a high participation rate and ground-breaking projects. The first edition was won by a team that developed a mobile unit (rover) that uses cutting edge technologies to monitor agricultural fields. 

The 2020 edition, which will culminate on Wednesday 21st October with the awarding of prizes, includes projects seeking to meet the needs of local populations, such as a monitoring system for the floods in Baixo Mondego or a system allowing for the control of local irrigation systems. 

“The latest editions have proven the quality and ease that Portuguese talent has in developing technological projects and we could not be more satisfied with the path taken so far,” says the team at Critical Software responsible for this event.

Mário Velindro, President of ISEC, points out: “The project with FIKALAB and Critical Software has been a great example of how we can share knowledge in complex areas while fostering fun, creativity and developing important skills for the future in the labor market, as is the case of teamwork and problem solving.”

Critical Software created FIKALAB back in 2016, and now have one of these labs in all its offices, where any employee can disconnect from their work and use the latest tools to develop their own projects and stimulate the mind. 

In April 2019, ISEC and Critical Software opened a creative laboratory on the premises of ISEC, giving people the chance to let their inventiveness and innovation run wild and producing some exciting results.

The deadline for applying to the 3rd edition of the FIKALAB ISEC Challenge is Friday 30th October and participants will have the entire school year to develop their projects. You can check all the information here.