Demola Team Supported by Critical Reaches Podium

October 1, 2021

The GREE(IN) Coimbra Polytechnic team that Critical Software supported in the Demola competition won regionals and came in third place in the national competition – such great news!

Demola Team Supported By Critical Reaches Podium

A truly innovative ecosystem cannot flourish without a strong, dynamic and active connection between schools and companies. 

In recent years, we have developed a close bond with the Coimbra Institute of Engineering (ISEC) and its students, with the aim of increasing their partnerships in projects, companies, competitions. In short: our aim is to create experiences that are valuable to students in both their academic and professional careers. 

In that vein, Critical’s innovation laboratory – Fikalab - partnered with Coimbra Polytechnic to support a project entered into the Link Up/Demola competition.  

The Demola challenge  


Demola is a Finnish platform bringing students and companies together to put their minds to the test by solving innovation challenges. 

The central idea behind Demola is the promotion of innovation and the challenge this year was to find a way to encourage recycling in universities and to ensure students can offer their preloved items to others in a Covid-safe way.  

The challenge is based on the principle of a circular economy: it encourages sustainability and provides a channel via which students from disadvantaged backgrounds can give and receive help and goods. 


Introducing the GRREC app 


The GRREC (Give. Receive. Request. Exchange. Community.) app was developed by students Marco Filipe, Nuno Correia, Pedro Gaspar, Soraia Sousa (students at Coimbra Polytechnic), Fernanda Leite (student at Portalegre Polytechnic), who were ably aided by two Polytechnic facilitators. 

Aiming to promote a spirit of togetherness in the academic community, it was with great pleasure and pride that we supported this project alongside Coimbra Polytechnic. Students will now have the opportunity to bring new life to second-hand clothes, electronics and books. Check out what the app looks like here.  

What we no longer use has the potential to make someone else very happy - and what a great way to bring the student community together via the power of sustainability!  


What comes next? 


But the challenge doesn’t stop there! These imaginative students now have the opportunity to move forwards with the idea and bring their project to life.  

With the prize money received, the app will be built by the students with the support of Coimbra Polytechnic and Critical Software.  

Congrats again, team – we knew your passion, dedication and imagination would see you through!