Critical Ventures Invests in Kirontech to Support Its Growth in the Fraud, Wastage, and Abuse Solution for the Medical Industry

March 3, 2023

UK-based MedTech and InsurTech firm Kirontech announced a new funding round to support the scale of its solution to fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) affecting the global medical payment industry.

Critical Ventures Invests in Kirontech

Critical Ventures co-invested alongside Venture Capitalworks and BiG Ventures to accelerate Kirontech’s efforts in fixing the £1 trillion problem.

Kirontech will be combining its in-depth knowledge of the medical industry and access to leading-edge big data and machine learning capabilities to expediently detect FWA in payment data. Its Artificial Intelligence technology gives insurance teams the ability to identify potential threats and take effective measures.  

The issue of medical fraud, waste, and abuse leakages, despite the negative impact it has on the industry, particularly regarding patient care, is still an unresolved market problem. Kirontech, harnessing its expertise and knowledge in the industry, has developed revolutionary technology that will see waste and costs reduced, while also creating a positive impact and nurturing inclusion in the healthcare sector. 

This also marks a ground-breaking leap that will see game-changing technologies transform the healthcare system. This is a very exciting opportunity and a truly great mission to make the healthcare industry efficient, effective, and inclusive. 

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