Critical Software Launches New Medical Devices Services

July 29, 2019

Critical Software has expanded its technology services in health care to cover the increasing needs of the medical devices industry.

medical devices software services

The international technology company will build on its heritage in critical systems to offer medical device manufacturers the kind of software development and testing services they need to ensure devices are safe, reliable and robust.

Critical Software has over twenty years’ experience in software development and testing for critical systems, in some of the world’s most advanced industries. Coupled with Critical’s knowledge of industry standards like IEC 62304, this puts the company in a unique position to tackle some of the medical device’s industry’s most pressing challenges. Currently, a staggering one in three medical devices with software in them suffer recalls because of failures, something the company aims to change.

Ana Rita Silva, Head of Business Development for Medical Devices, said: “Every day, patients around the world put their lives in the hands of qualified healthcare professionals and the medical devices that support their work. These devices are increasingly complex, with software often at the heart of them. Life support machines, defibrillators, implants and many other diagnostic equipment are just a few examples. With our expertise in software development, testing, security and our industry knowledge, we are well-placed to respond to the industry’s demands for increasingly reliable and safe devices."

As part of the launch of its new medical device services, Critical Software has already launched partnerships with organisations in Germany and Northern Europe to ensure close proximity to its customers throughout the region.

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