Critical’s Companhia do Estudo Programme Supports Over 500 Children

April 21, 2022

Our team of volunteers refurbished over 500 laptops for students at a school in Coimbra.

Critical’s Companhia Do Estudo Programme Supports Over 500 Children

We were heroes, just for one day! Our team of volunteers refurbished over 500 laptops for students at a school in Coimbra.

Remember Companhia do Estudo? Launched in April 2021, it’s an initiative which aims to inspire school students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Along the way, like-minded companies have supported Companhia to improve the students’ experience at school and make a positive difference to their academic and personal lives!  

Last month, the Coimbra Centre School Grouping posed us a challenge: more than 500 computers needed to be refurbished and given to the students, who had been waiting several months for their new laptops. A Herculean mission for the school, but not for those who every day dedicate themselves to the mission of contributing to a better and safer world for all: our Critical Titans and Companhia do Estudo volunteers!  


Critical’s Positive Take on Society 


Playing an active and positive role in society is one of our core value pillars and one of the things that allowed us to become a Certified B Corporation. It’s this value that motivated Rui Duarte Silva, Alchemists Platoon Manager, to take the lead in restoring these laptops to full working order. 

"Our desire to change the world for the better is perfectly reflected in the principle of continuous improvement which guides the Alchemists' work. We seek to make the communities around us better and as we do so, become better ourselves," commented Rui. 

The refurbishment took place at the Jaime Cortesão Secondary School and was a great example of the mutual help and camaraderie that defines what it is to be a Titan. The group of 9 volunteers quickly started to configure the laptops while looking for ways to automate and speed up the process - the Critical way! 

In 3 hours, about 500 laptops were refurbished and set up, ready to be used by our Companhia students. Our Alchemists had accomplished their mission.  

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work! 


About Companhia do Estudo  


The Companhia do Estudo Programme has now over 70 volunteers and is works in over 10 schools and NGOs across Portugal. Its aim is to help inspire a passion to learn in children from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news about Companhia do Estudo.