An Easier Way: Digitising the Way Work Accidents Are Reported

March 31, 2018

Critical Software has been working with Portuguese authorities to develop a new system to report work accidents online.

David Carvalho, Pedro Martins, Fernando Pereira and Rui Coutinho

For the last six months, Critical Software has been working on a project for the Portuguese Association of Insurers. Our team’s goal was to develop a fast, easy-to-use system to report work accidents online.

The Portuguese Association of Insurers and the Office of Strategy and Planning of the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security (GEP) have been instrumental in digitising the reporting of work accidents in companies with ten or more employees to improve efficiency and limit the wasting of resources.

Highlighting some of the benefits for companies using the new system Critical Software developed, Pedro Martins, who was Technical Manager on the project, explains: "Critical were brought on board to assist the shift from paper forms to online reporting. We developed a tool that allows employers to more quickly record information which can be more easily shared with insurance companies. This represents a huge time saving for users and, since this platform integrates easily with other systems, it makes the data more useable. Plus, we all know that using less paper is better for the environment!”

With this platform, Portuguese companies can easily conform to the new rules set up by the GEP that require online accident reporting. To find out more about the system or to discuss your needs, please get in touch with us.

Pedro, second from left in the picture, can be seen with his talented team, (left to right) David Carvalho, Fernando Pereira and Rui Coutinho.