3 Ways to Scale Your Digital Commerce Business

March 24, 2022

Find out three ways your digital commerce business can navigate hypergrowth, from recruitment to facilitating operational scalability.

Scaling digital commerce business

Growth: the goal of any SME worth its salt. But how do you do nurture growth without putting your security and stability at risk?

How is digital commerce different today than in the past? While Covid-19 spread around the world, digital commerce went through a massive boom. With most stores forced to shut doors, retailers found that they had to devote themselves to the only channel they could use: online. For some, this would reveal itself as the only way to keep cashflows going. 

Did you know 67% of digital commerce companies accelerated their digital transformation investments during the pandemic?

But now, in a post-pandemic world, there is a growing number of customers who crave walking through those shop doors, seeing and feeling a physical product in their own hands, and going up to the cashier to pay for their items of choice. With these dual concerns in mind, how do digital commerce companies keep their position in the market while managing the challenges that hypergrowth brings?

Here are three ways your digital commerce business can manage hypergrowth and its various demands, from recruitment to operational delivery.


Keep Your Data in One Place 

If you want to scale rapidly with no bumps along the way, pay special attention to where you keep your data. Without a single source of truth where all relevant company data is stored and can be accessed easily by those who need it, you’re going to struggle!

Having a dynamic, real-time data tool that provides you with an accessible overview of your business will make it easier to keep all your business’s operations under control. 

On the other hand, the vulnerabilities produced by having vital information spread across multiple applications or servers are numerous and simply not worth the risk! That's why we encourage organisations to have a single robust platform through which they can manage their data. 

Knowledge Share Like There’s No Tomorrow

You don’t have to scale your ecommerce business alone. As the saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." 

In the context of hypergrowth, speed is key. So, focus on finding your optimal speed and don't put the pedal to the metal on an unknown road.

The importance of company culture and shared knowledge can’t be overstated. Is your company culture transparent? Is managing people a pain point for your organisation? Juggling too many priorities won’t help the scaling process – it will distract you from the areas that need to be addressed in order to scale successfully. At Critical, we firmly believe that a streamlined, collective approach to teambuilding is essential to success. It works even better with an expert partner at your side

Joining forces to train, coach and induct the new teams, ensuring the right cultural fit to overcome technical challenges, can help give your digital commerce business the fuel it needs to really blast off into growth!


Be Agile, Agile, Agile!

Adopting Agile when navigating hypergrowth shows you have the right mindset for this transformation process, but also ensures you’re playing safe using a dynamic, iterative approach.


Having Agile team management fosters individual, collaborative and self-organising groups. For many professionals, the dynamism of an Agile Way – which doesn’t restrict projects to rigid processes – can give them the motivation to flourish. If you’re thinking about scaling your digital commerce business, Agile could open the gateway to teams that are proactive, productive and deliver results. 

Three simple steps to creating this Agile environment in your team include:

  • Discover, map and draft a plan – and execute it.
  • Share as much knowledge as possible to relevant parties.
  • Replicate the process to other training teams, hence the knowledge sharing.


Going through hypergrowth without the right support is the perfect recipe for making mistakes...  

Without a knowledgeable partner by your side, you’re likely to hit barriers, from rapidly and successfully recruiting and inducting well-skilled staff to creating an Agile environment in which projects can be managed and completed to perfection.

With our expert digital commerce team, you’ll benefit from tailor-made support and copious amounts of knowledge in all things online commerce. Remember: you’ll want a solid foundation for the skyscraper that is a fully scalable, effective operation. 

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