1000 Reasons to Celebrate!

November 18, 2021

Our Titans now number over 1000. Are you ready to join them?

Birds-view shot of Critical Software employees forming CSW

It’s time to celebrate! Why? There are now over 1000 Titans at Critical Software!

No wonder, as for over 20 years we’ve been changing the way the world uses technology. But there’s always more work to be done. Are you up for the challenge?

Critical is proud to have achieved this milestone, and we always take them seriously. These moments form our history, guide our ambitions and drive our determination to be and do better. 


This milestone marks a new era for Critical. Five years ago, we were only half of what we are now! Reaching 1000 Titans means we’re doubling our chances of success in the most challenging of missions. 


Filipa Carmo, a People Senior, knows Critical's growth doesn't stop here. She commented: “When you work at a company like Critical, where you live and breathe the culture and values and you really embrace the mission and purpose of making the world a better, safer place. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to be part of such significant growth. "

“Doubling our total number of employees was a team effort, a collective achievement that would never have been possible without the commitment and outstanding dedication of the whole company!”  

Over the years we’ve enhanced our corporate culture, turning our band of Titans into a close-knit family. We want people to know that Critical is not just another software company, but the software company to be part of. The one that takes you to your limits, the one that challenges you with new opportunities and exciting projects, the one that’s got your back no matter what. 

Filipa added: “Team spirit, one of our core values in the form of ‘stronger together’, laid the foundations for this milestone.” 

The big 1000 represents months of collaboration and co-creation, with everyone striving to be the best version of themselves.  


Jorge Rodrigues, our Operations Director, concluded: “Our strategic goals up to 2023 point to an average growth of 20% per year. So, we’re not done growing yet! We continue to look for people to help us change the world." 

Thanks, Titans!  

But the adventure isn’t over. You still have time to join us. Ready to put your superpowers to the test?