Case Study

Extracting Business Logic from Outdated Ecosystems

As technological development becomes ever-more rapid, so system obsolescence becomes a greater risk. The risk increases when multiple systems are interconnected, making changes to individual components difficult to perform.

This was the dilemma faced by a banking institution who approached Critical wanting to extract business logic from an outdated ecosystem and move it to a modernised platform. Critical worked with the institution to extract business logic and other data securely, reformatting it on the new platform so that individual components were easily accessible.

In addition, the new platform was developed with user experience in mind, designed to be clearly indexed and easily searchable.

In this case study, learn more about:

  • The obsolescence and usability access challenges faced by the banking institution
  • How an updated parameterised system mitigated the risks posed by the constant evolution of technology
  • The preparation needed for the task of business logic extraction, including gap analysis and regression testing
  • Why leveraging the Agile methodology suited the dynamic nature of the project
extracting business logic from outdated ecosystems case study