Case Study

Smarter Building Management

Vision Center

Sauter’s devices provide real-time data for smart-building systems managing heating, ventilation, security, energy, water and other utility services.

Sauter felt the need to update their systems’ user interface to deal with modern demands and requirements, such as larger installations, devices interconnectivity, and remote management capabilities in order to boost performance and maximise the value of its new devices.

Critical Software helped Sauter to create the next-generation of smart-building management software. The solution included a customised navigation system with features such as alarm lists to graphs and reports that can be tailored to each client’s needs.

Learn more on:

  • The impact of dated software in building management systems
  • How we tackled the challenge of dealing with large data volumes
  • The additional features we provided to address energy and consumption monitoring, tracking and management of operations, amongst others
  • What we did to make configuration easier and more interactive for the client
vision center smarter building management case study