White Paper

ConnectaX: Connecting Supply and Demand

In 10 years’ time, your home will look entirely different. Your alarm clock will set itself depending on your schedule; your car’s heated seats will turn on automatically depending on the weather; and your demand for energy will undoubtedly increase. That poses a challenge for distribution system operators (DSOs), transmission systems operators (TSOs) and energy suppliers: how can that demand be managed? 

In this white paper, learn how ConnectaX – Critical Software’s centralised platform – can help users adjust their energy demand according to their lifestyles, as well as: 

  • The role DSOs, TSOs, suppliers and consumers can play in reducing strain on the network 
  • Demand Side Flexibility (DSF) and interoperability and their importance in servicing demand dynamically 
  • The protocols involved in controlling smart devices through a centralised platform 
  • How to harness big data in energy demand management  
connectax connecting supply and demand whitepaper