Case Study

FARFETCH - Accelerating Ecommerce Through Proactive Collaboration 

Leveraging a dynamic working model to deliver quality business results.

In the world of ecommerce, businesses grow fast. It’s paramount that businesses always remain in control despite the hypergrowth they’re experiencing, paving their pathway to unicorn status. But to ensure success, a helping hand is needed…

Critical Software is working with FARFETCH, a leading online fashion platform, to implement a dynamic working model to make project management more efficient, leveraging agile lean teams across a range of business areas to promote knowledge sharing, facilitate performance improvements and increase proactivity. Through forming hybrid teams with FARFETCH’s workforce, we have been able to unlock a number of benefits, from scalability to the self-management of team members. 

In this case study, learn more about: 

  • Lean teams: their cost-effectiveness, scalability and more
  • How knowledge sharing is vital in dynamic, ever-changing business environments
  • The diversity of skillsets in ‘hybrid’ teams, enabling coverage of multiple business areas
  • An agile working model and its usefulness in managing Cloud-based microservices-powered platforms
farfetch case study
The client