Case Study

Automating Closed-Loop Testing

Testing safety-critical systems including hardware is, naturally, a hard task. Certifying them is even harder.

A client approached Critical Software with the need to certify their remote interface unit used in aircraft. Inevitably it needed to comply with major aviation regulations such as DO-178C Level A, which demanded testing that – given the hardware ‘in-the-loop’ – was extremely manual and on average took over a month to complete.

Read the case study to find out about:

  • How we adapted our System Validation Facility, designed to produce certification for software with hardware in-the-loop, to fit the client’s product
  • The benefits of automated testing procedures for software with hardware in-the-loop, including unlocking new functionalities such as regression testing, which had previously been unavailable
  • How we reduced testing time to two and a half days
automating closed loop testing case study