Safety-Critical V&V

Commercial air travel is one of the safest means of transport.

Aircraft safety figures have been systematically improving since 1945, to the point where an individual’s odds of being a casualty in a lightning strike are significantly higher than their chances of being a casualty in an aircraft accident. Such an impressive safety record for a system as complex as an aircraft could not be achieved without an equally impressive array of Verification & Validation (V&V) activities aimed at ensuring that everything performs as it should.

V&V activities in aerospace projects are governed by a strict and comprehensive set of industry standards that include DO-178B/C, DO-254, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761. The challenge for the industry is to continue improving the safety record of increasingly complex systems and to do so in a business efficient way. To address this challenge, the industry must rely on organisations and individuals that embody a culture of safety and that are skilled at performing V&V activities thoroughly and efficiently. This becomes even more of a challenge as industry standards continue to evolve over time.

At Critical Software, safety is our culture and our raison d'être. Aerospace V&V activities are performed by dedicated engineering teams hardened through many DAL-A and DAL-B projects. Our teams are skilled at meeting tight time frames while thoroughly executing all V&V activities and delivering the respective formal evidence.

Verification & Validation video

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